Wednesday, June 9, 2010

- Waramuri Village

- Located on the right bank of the Moruca River, roughly 10 miles from the mouth of the Moruca River in the Barima Waini region is nestled Waramuri. It is accessible primarily by river but the regional administration has upgraded the road from Santa Rosa to Waramuri which now makes it accessible from Santa Rosa via road , about a 20 minute quiet trail ride. Waramuri has a population of 1,500 mainly Warraus but other tribal ancestors are present too.
This Warrau village got its name from the black ant called “Waramuri” in the interior, where they had infested the village when the early settlers had took up residence there more than a century ago. This village was established by the Anglican Church in the 1800s.
Very eager and always willing for development in this village, they people plan to soon intensify agriculture and aquaculture and livestock rearing. However, farming is still done as their traditional but the houses are moving away from the thatched-roofs o more secured built ones.
Waramuri is also home to the legendary shell mound. Not very surprising for an Amerindian village in the interior, but it has fruits including Pears, mangoes and cashews just to name a few.

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