Wednesday, June 9, 2010

- Beterverwagting aka BV

- Beterverwagting, Better-fuh-walking, Bad-fuh-walk-out are the names people would call this glorious village. It is also called B.V for short. It is located approximately 10 miles from Georgetown. It is one of the largest villages on the East Coast with about 408 acres in area. It is also bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the north, the Conservancy dam to the South, Mon Repos to the East and La Bonne Intention to the West. This village got its name from the Dutch words “Beter verwachting” which means “better expectation”. B.V is also an important feeder for the sugar estate located in La Bonne Intention (LBI).
In 1834, after emancipation, BV was bought by 62 former slaves for the sum of $52,000 from Mr. Baron Van Gronigen, who was at that time the last remaining Dutch planter in the then British Guiana. BV was once named Baron because it was bought from Baron Von Gronigen, a Dutch colonial master. The people were proud of him, and sometimes people from BV are referred to as Baronians.

BV monument

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