Wednesday, June 9, 2010

- Victoria

Scene from a village market
- Victoria Village was formerly called Plantation Northbrook and was the first free village to be established after emancipation. It’s located on the East Coast, approximately 18 miles east from its capital, Georgetown. It’s bordered by Cove and John to the West and Belfield to the east. It is still pondered how Victoria got its name. Most likely after Queen Victoria since the owners felt she helped emancipate them and some say it’s because of victory from slavery.
The 8th November, 1839 eighty-three ex-slaves from nearby estates of Dutchfour, Ann’s Grove, Hope, Paradise and Enmore mutually came together, pooled their resources and bought the Village of Victoria for some $10,000, but paid a down payment of $6000 first. The land was divided equally among the eighty three sub owners.
Exodus. Free families leaving a plantation. An artist's impression by Barrington Braithwaite
Religion was very important for them and this led to the construction of the first built church, a Congregational Church, named after Wilberforce, the abolitionist, erected in 1845. Today, Victoria has various events in the village that celebrates its anniversary every year.

Victoria’s 170th Anniversary Exhibition of Illustrations and Publications

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