Wednesday, June 9, 2010

- Rosignol

- Rosignol is a small town on the west bank of the Berbice River in Guyana. 
The town is important because it has a port, the Rosignol Stelling, that is the main crossing point on the western bank of the Berbice River. New Amsterdam is on the east bank.
Major attractions (which are no longer there) were two cinemas, Atma and Ritz where partons came from miles and towns away, these included Bath Settlement, Blairmont, Cotton Tree, Shield's Town, Number 5 Village,Ithaca etc. Another major attraction is Hollywood Bar (NAGGY'S), which was owned by Edward Barratt. Sweet lips Disco is the life of the small village(nearby). The population consists primarily of people of Indian and African origin. There were also Iris Chan bar (teacher rum shop),and at one time host the only gas bar (gas station) for majority of the coastline. It also consist of the biggest one day market Saturday market of that Region.The hugh Rosignol Fisheries is neaby the stelling. An adult entertainment house 'Wellie's' was/is also in Rosignol.
Horse drawn cart in Rosignol.

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